Veta Sessions #3

Intimate concerts in intimate venues

Words By Kaitlyn Richey
Photos By Phoebe Jane Barrett @softestmorning

Date: 20.4.2019
Venue: Secret location
Time: 19:30

Veta Sessions is a project from Veta Records which houses concerts in people’s houses. It aims to bring a live audience and platform to artists, while also creating a unique space for music lovers to connect in a coy environment. At previous Veta Sessions, artists such as Ivo Vollering, VERA Music, Kieran Mulvihill, Ruth Mac, and Good Ghost. The artist lineup and location of Veta Sessions #3 is top secret and the only way to find out where the concert is being held is by buying a ticket and joining the mailing list. This mysteriously fun event may be vague in its details, but you’ll definitely listen to some cool and innovative music. So, BYOB and look forward to squeezing in next to some fellow music enthusiasts.

In a sentence: It’s like a blind date, but for music