The Rise of Black Wolf…A HACKER ON THE RUN

The first solo-exhibition by Nina Schönefeld

Words By Marc Yates

Date: 03.03.17 – 16.03.17
Venue: coGalleries

“The question might be how to vanish from one moment to the other. Imagine there would be a drastic political change in your country and you want to fight for your democratic rights – you will need special advice and gear to survive. Get prepared.”

Multimedia sculptures and video make up Nina Schönefeld’s The Rise of Black Wolf…A HACKER ON THE RUN, where art and hacking collide to expose the truth about current socio-political climates in a radical and innovative way. This prescient exhibition seeks to explore the concept of a secret hiding place – a place that exists without artistic boundaries – and defines the hacker as one who is radically different, fighting for freedom of the press and releasing classified information to the public.

In a time in which top-tier politics is constantly undermined by corruption and hacking, Nina Schönefeld deconstructs the digital age to shine a critical light on current hacking affairs.

Catch this fascinating exhibit until March 16th.

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