The Museum of Lies

An unusual exhibition where lies abound

Words By Erika Clugston

Date: 31.03.18 – 13.04.18
Venue: F.K.Kollektiv

With fake news on the rise and liars infiltrating our Twitterspheres, we must turn to art for our peace, sanity, and perhaps a little bit of insanity. This March, the FotoKlub Kollektiv presents an unusual exhibition, The Museum of Lies. In their words:

“Due to an infestation of Lies, The Museum was forced to close its doors and put on its hats. Following another intense period of re-positioning and re-coating, we are pleased once again to find ourselves showing the never ending exhibits of Lies for the people of Berlin. This exhibition will be called BRN. Everyone will find at least one lie inside.”

To make sense of the mysterious museum, we suggest you attend the exhibition and sniff out the lies for yourselves! BRN was created by Rachael Rix-Moore and Alice Rix-Moore and co-curated by Stephanie Ballantine. You can find out more about the F.K.Kollktiv in LOLA Issue Five!

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