The Julie Ruin

Let off some scream with the original riot grrl

Words By Maggie Devlin
Photos By Shervin Lainez

Date: 27/11/16
Venue: Columbia Theater
Time: 19:00

Like a puppy isn’t just for Christmas, feminist rock isn’t locked in the red velvet jacket-wearing vaults of the ‘90s. Sleater Kinney and The Julie Ruin have both experienced rebirths in recent years. Kathleen Hanna, something of a high priestess to feminist punks since the Riot Grrrl movement, will grace the Columbia Theater with her glorious, pop-punk rage.Trump has taught us that grabbing pussies won’t keep a man out of the White House, but this pussy grabs back; Hanna is the kind of Nasty Woman who can help us let off some scream.

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