The Circle

An immersive sounds and image installation

Date: 09.09.17 – 29.09.17
Venue: Gallery of the August Bebel Institute
Opening: 08.09.17 at 19:00

The Circle is an installation addressing the internal displacement in Iraq through individual stories, images, and sounds. Featured artists Agata Skowronek, Simon Hipkins, and David McAulay use documentary photography, video recordings, audio interviews and recordings of ambient sound to submerge the audience within a new environment in which they can confront the realities of war.

The gallery’s statement points out that: “13.3% of Germany’s refugee influx is made up of Iraqi migrants, but we rarely hear about those who have stayed behind. There are currently over 3 million people, living in 3,700 locations across Iraq, who have fled their homes as a result of armed conflict, generalised violence, and political, ethnic or religious persecution.”

So, take a moment out of your busy day to step into this immersive installation and engage with someone else’s reality. The Circle invites us to not only consider and contemplate the lives of others but to better empathise and relate to one another.

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