TAME featuring Crystallmess, Gabber Eleganza and more

Genre-bending sounds crossed with a post-apocalyptic, sci-fi narrative

Words By Lee Shields

Date: 22.02.2020
Location: Trauma Bar und Kino, Heidestrasse 50, 10557, Berlin.
Time: 23:59 – 12:00

If there is one event that exemplifies Berlin this month, then it may be TAME at Traum Bar und Kino. Not only is it the first TAME of the new decade, but it is working in collaboration with the QT UR EA installation by Mary-Audrey Ramirez and LUKAS8K, which is being displayed at the venue until mid-March. Come prepared for a bevy of abrasive new genre-bending sounds crossed with a post-apocalyptic, science fiction narrative, derived from the virtual arenas of open video games. I mean, if that’s not your definition of a good Saturday night then it may be best to stay home with Netflix and popcorn.

On the night, you can expect an eclectic slap in the face from new post-electronic sounds. TAME has invited Crystallmess, Gabber Eleganza, and Samuel Kerridge. The Parisian Crystallmess brings her unique take on abrasive zouk, dancehall, afro-trance, moving from soul to aggression. Gabber Eleganza brings his post-rave, high-intensity, hardcore gabber, over the top, sound. While Samuel Kerridge brings the destruction moving through EBM, industrial, and nut crunching beats. DJ Spit opens, while also expect House of Trauma residents Nene H and Dj Mantis. Be sure to check out the cinema, where you can peep Frederik Heyman’s visual universe.

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