Storytelling at Berlin’s Best English Language Bookshop

Spin a yarn in the west-Kreuzberg soul kitchen

Words By Elly Harvie
Photos By Maree Hamilton

Venue: Another Country
Date: Wednesday, October 26th
Time: 8-10.30 PM 

Rock up in moneyed Gneisenaustraßewhich feels slightly Soviet this time of year, and step into Another Country. Aptly named, this bookshop has popped, Inception-like, from the dusty pages of its own myriad gothic novels. It’s like stumbling into the dwelling of an absent-minded wizard. Like, Stephen King probably lives here. Overseen by a wizened taxidermy bird of unidentifiable genus are teetering towers of books – good books.  Although it’s a bit macabre (and because it is), this is the best place in Berlin to get your fix of English literary classics. The deal is, you can return them and get your money back, minus a euro fifty. Soul food for less than the cost of a kebab. 

The shop may have been established by Americans, but it‘s typically Berlin in evincing decadent disregard for the rules, and also in this case, reality. Which is pretty attractive in the winter – curling up with a book sounds cozy right now. But it’s not all escapism – stories are a way of connecting with what’s meaningful in the world, and each otherWith the US election falling (appropriately?) soon after HalloweenAnother Country’s monthly meet-up this Wednesday 26th on the theme of ‘Decisive Moments’ should be interesting. It costs a euro and everyone (who wants to) tells a story.  

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