Stonewall 50. Days of Future Past

An exhibition honoring the origin of LGBTQI+ rights

Words By Mahala Herron

Date: 04/07/19 – 13/07/19
Venue: GlogauAIR Berlin, Glogauer Strasse 16, 10999 Berlin
Time: 19:00  

Art exhibition 50 Days of Future Past aims to remind us that LGBTQI+ discrimination is not just the past, but our present. The artists drive this conversation through sharing personal stories which reflect on what has been achieved since the Stonewall riots and what we are currently still fighting. Each of the works specifically highlights the importance of intersectionality and examine sexism, transphobia, racism, ableism and more. 

Curated by Suzy Royal and Vassilia Kaga, Stonewall 50 is an independent project produced by Royal, Kaga and Nadir Catalano with the support of the Berlin-based, Enter Art Foundation of the Lusia Catucci Gallery and the Italian creative agency YAM112003. 

LOLA spoke with the coordinator of GlogauAIR Berlin, Justin Ross, along with Suzy and Vassilia, to learn more about the story behind the exhibition. 

How long did this exhibition take to plan, and what kind of thought and energy went into the process?
Suzy Royal:
When we decided to do the exhibition it was all kind of ‘bam, bam, bam’ and it came together really quickly. We thought of a list of different spaces we could possibly show it, and the timing for GlogauAIR was perfect. The exhibition in total took about a month in a half.

Could you share with us how you selected the artists of the exhibition?
Suzy Royal:
This is the first time we worked together and the idea was to bring together the artists that we each knew. So that was really important.

Vassilia Kaga: For me, most of the artists are from the environments that I am moving in, like my friends my comrades, most of the people are the people from my community.

Justin, can you talk about GlogauAIR and how the non-profit space connected with Vassilia and Suzy?
Justin Ross:
Something that I can be really proud of here is that we are a space that can be open to all sorts of ideas, as a queer person myself, I am very interested in promoting ideas around queerness today, although this space is not specifically always about that. When Vassilia and Suzy came to me with the project I was just happy to have the space to offer them to make it happen.

I find it very interesting and admirable that you all are including various plights and oppressed groups in your exhibition, why did you all choose to do so instead of focusing solely on LGBTQ?
Suzy Royal:
That was a big thing for us and also why I wanted to work with Vassilia, because I am older I wanted to work with someone who was younger and I think that there are these differences. Being from different places, I am American, she’s Greek.

Vassilia Kaga: For me, it’s very important to include all the sides of LGBTQ, because there are many intersections within the LGBTQ identity.

The Stonewall 50. Days of Future Past exhibition is running from July 4th until July 13th. Find more details about the exhibition on their Facebook page.