Still Corners

Mesmerizing dream-pop goodness

Words By Rob Talin
Photos By Bernard Bur

Date: 07.06.19
Venue: LIDO Berlin
Time: 20:00

Tessa Murray and Greg Hughes met at a London train station in 2009. This fact feels entirely appropriate; their music as Still Corners really travels. It’s a vast, open sound, inspired by films and dreams, driving seamlessly through journeys and destinations to tell stories of yearning and escape.

While their 2016 dream-pop album, Dead Blue, took them to the cool coast of England, 2018’s Slow Air is all heat. They settled into sweltering Texas to create an album that glistens with sweat and hums with cicada choirs. Murray’s voice adds a cool breeze and the guitars are rich with reverb

The Still Corners sound seems to be developing in a gradual progression, as all real journeys do. Their travels arrive in Berlin on Friday 7th June at the Lido on Cuvrystraße. We spoke with the band ahead of the gig to find out what we can expect.

Where does the album title come from, is there a story behind it?
Tessa:  We recorded this album in Texas in the summer.  It was amazingly hot there. Even at night the temperature would barely move, we would sit outside and drink cold beers listen to the cicadas and think about the music we had written that day.  We called the album Slow Air because that what it felt like, air so thick it caused everything and everyone to slow down.

Has your writing process changed since your debut, Creatures of Hour?
Greg: Tessa and I have worked together for so long that we now have an almost telepathic connection, things move quickly.  We move fast through good ideas and bad ideas and mostly we feel a deeper connection to what we’re doing and what we’re trying to accomplish.  With Slow Air we wrapped it up in 3 months.

Do you feel you have a special relationship with the Berlin?
T: We’ve always felt at home in Berlin, it’s a wonderful place with lovely people who are very interested in and connected with art so we feel like it’s a natural place for us. The vibe and atmosphere is something we feel a kinship to.

We’re in love with ‘Sad Movies’ from the new album. What is the song about?
G: “Sad movies make me cry, I don’t know why, they remind me of you.”  It’s all there. If you’ve ever broken up with someone you’re in a state and listening or watching films can fan the flames, remind you of the past and make you feel.

And finally, what do the words Still Corners mean to you?
T:  There are places yet unexplored.

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