Story Party | Late Brunch Show

A session of storytelling and meeting people

Words By Jonny Tiernan

Date: 09.01.17
Venue: Comedy Cafe Berlin, Roseggerstr. 17
Time: 16:00 – 18.00

Story Party features professional storytellers getting up on stage to share with the audience some love-related tales, and not necessarily ones where everything worked out like a movie, but where people might have been played or had things go weird.

The show lasts for around an hour, and afterwards you’ll have a chance to connect with someone in the audience who may have caught your eye.

We love this whole concept so much that we spoke with organiser Rachmann Blake to find out a bit more about the event and the idea behind it.


Story Party started in San Francisco. How have the shows been going so far in Berlin? We love it more every time. The audience love it. They connect with the stories and performers, and many return for the following events. Each show has a theme, and we always aim for honest, authentic entertainment.

Is the main aim of the events to enable people to meet each other, or is that just a nice by-product? The main aim is for everyone to have a great time.  The event is open to single and married people alike. We encourage people to mingle, but it’s not a requirement.

Have you heard of people meeting each other and forming friendships at any of the previous events? Yes! My favourite story is about two these audience members who met at the show, dated for two months, realised it didn’t work, then each returned to separate shows to meet other people. Meeting someone at a show is a much better story than meeting through swiping right.

Would you say this way of meeting people is an antidote to the hyper-fast digital dating and networking world? People forget that meeting people in person is the fastest, cheapest, and easiest way to find a partner. We’ve done it for 1000’s of years. Our show encourages people to reclaim the lost art of connecting in person.

How do you select the storytellers for the event? Everyone has a great story. We even have a slot for audience members to jump on the mic.

Can you tell us anything about the storytellers we can expect at the next events? Raw. honest. entertaining. That’s it.

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