Slime Dynamics

A conceptual performance by Siegmar Zacharias

Words By Erika Clugston
Photos By David Eckelmann

Date: 07.12.17 – 10.12.17
Time: 20:00

Slime: the word alone conjures up immediate and visceral bodily reactions to the idea of that wet, gooey, sticky substance. Now imagine two-hundred liters of fake slime and three female bodies – our understanding of the word changes entirely and the performance Slime Dynamics is born. Conceptualized by artist Siegmar Zacharias, the work “ explores the space between form and shapelessness, talking and leaking, desire and disgust, intimacy and alienation. How do we feel and think in an unstable, flowing world?” Slide into the fluid world created by Zacharias and her team and enjoy — at least from a distance! Book your tickets here.

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