Sci-Fi Cinema Sleepover VOL I: Aliens & Monsters

A 14 hour marathon of B movie gems

Words By Marcus Allemann

Date: 20.07.18 – 21.07.18
Venue: Kino Babylon
Time: 18:00 – 08.00 

If you fancy a bit of schlock with your popcorn, the upcoming Sci-Fi Cinema Sleepover VOL I: Aliens & Monsters should be just the ticket.

The 14 hour straight B movie and grindhouse experience kicks off Friday 6pm and hurtles right on through to Saturday 10am. If partying all night in a dark room with strangers to bizarre soundtracks and mind-bending visuals is not your idea of a great time then you can board this crazy train and enjoy a selected dose of cinema.

It’s a killer line up starting with a slew of classic drive-thru inspired movie trailers and culminating with masterpiece of sci-fi horror, Alien. Moving onto Japan’s city levelling, flame breathing gargantuan turtle Gamera the Invincible, the exploitative struggles of The Toxic Avenger, post apocalyptic car chasing Warriors of the Wasteland, Turkish trash cinema cult classic The Man Who Saved the World, Greek mythology meets alien invasion Hercules Against the Moon Men, the flying saucers, vampires and zombies of Plan 9 From Outer Space and the classic silent film, stop motion dino fantasy The Lost World.

For the genre loving cineastes out there looking for companionship in getting a little weird amongst the geeks of the night, look no further.

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