Remote Mitte

A city tour in English, but nothing like what you're thinking

Words By Jenn Post Dräger
Photos By Ute Langkafel MAIFOTO

Date: 26.09.16 – 17.01.16
Venue: Invalidenfriedhof, Scharnhorststraße entrance

Take the headphones and do as the voice instructs. You’re part of a horde now – or is it a herd? – and your experience walking through Mitte will be directed by the voice of a benevolent shepherdess whom you will never meet.

Remote Mitte is a collective audio walk by Rimini Protokoll, perhaps Germany’s most famous contributor to the global conversation on documentary performance. The collective specialises in works that confront reality using reality, or at least a mediated version of it. Remote Mitte sends its 50 spectator–participants through the heart of the city, raising questions on individualism, power, and mortality, all while minding the traffic signals. Originally developed in Berlin in partnership with HAU in 2013, the Remote concept has since travelled around the world and now returns to its source in a new production presented by the Gorki Theater.

Are you tourists or flash-mobbers, voyeurs or Schauspieler? Onlookers can’t quite tell what to make of your remote-controlled team as you perform this two-hour exploration, and that’s part of the contradictory fun you’ve been programmed to have.

A few logistical points: You can choose to experience the event with narration in either English or German. Plan to walk for the better part of two hours and primarily outdoors, so dress appropriately.