Radioaktivität X Threads*Wedding

London’s calling from the dancefloor

Words By Ciara Cunnane
Photos By Main image: Withheld

Venue: Anita Berber, Pankstraße 17, 13357 Berlin
Date: 08.06.19
Time: 23:00-07:00

Anita Berber regulars Radioaktivität follow up their recent bash with radio crews RBL Berlin and 20ft Berlin by showcasing another collective. This time Threads Radio are in the mix, featuring a medley of DJ talent from their London and Berlin community radio bases. Get down to an eclectic mix of sets, from Withheld’s deep house to Signal Deluxe’s live techno and the breakbeat and bass house of Misanthrop. Londoner Liam Noonan will be flying in to provide live visual art as well as modular industrial techno. Since 199radio relaunched as Threads in January 2019, the online community station has hosted a series of pop-up radio events around the world, including regular slots at ZK/U in Moabit, as well as Prague, New York and Kiev. Next up the crew are heading to Macedonia.

In a sentence: Underground electronica doesn’t just live south of the TV Tower.