Product of Praxis

Multidisciplinary art with a focus on material

Words By Erika Clugston

Date: 19.03.17 – 15.04.17
Venue: Kalashnikovv Galerie
Opening: 18.03.17   18:00

Contemporary art often challenges traditional methodology, pushing back against established art practice. The multidisciplinary art exhibition, Product of Praxis, is doing just that.

The artists, Emanuel Bernstone, Lena von Goedeke, and Marco Reichert, deal with material in strategic ways that challenge traditional methods and bring focus on the materiality of the work. The exhibition features paintings, multi-media drawings, sculpture and installation that draw attention to the processes and materials of the artists. From painting machines to raw canvas to 3D scanning and Virtual Reality, the artists are experimenting with the mediums of artistic practice.

In the words of the curator, Emma McKee, “Product of Praxis was inspired by my infatuation with artists’ process of practice. The exhibition involves each artist’s combination of personal references with a marked change in physical form. Their work exemplifies process of practice; they are seamless, illustrating how their praxis overlap. I am thrilled to have these artists included in one exhibition.”

Swing by the opening reception on March 18th for the opportunity to talk with the artists themselves. The exhibition runs until April 15th.

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