Pornceptual: 3rd Year Anniversary

It's time to celebrate in style. By which we mean naked.

Words By Alex Rennie
Photos By Go-Guy Express

Date: 30/07/16
Venue: Alte Münze
Time: 23:59

Can porn be artistic? That’s the burning question Pornceptual has been asking itself ever since its 2010 inception. As a counter to the ersatz and blatantly hegemonic threads that run through commercial pornography, the minds behind the Berlin-based project have made it their mission to prove that our most carnal pleasures can indeed be more aesthetically challenging than straight-up fucking.

On top of running a website and a print magazine, they’re also well known for throwing some pretty decadent shindigs. Expect this instalment to be an exceptionally debauched affair; it’s the party’s third anniversary. As well as erotic performances, there’s a solid lineup of acts to keep proceedings in full swing. NYC’s very own Lady Starlight is on the bill with a live set, as are a clutch of other established DJs including the likes of Hot Creation’s Rydim and Monasterio’s Anastasia Kristensen. The evening’s dress-code is relaxed, but your entry will be considerably cheaper the less you wear. Time to leave your inhibitions, and your clothes, in the cloakroom.

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