Bop with enigmatic LA-based fembot IRL on "Am I A Girl?" tour

Words By Kathryn Lawrence

Date: 27.09.18
Time: 19:00
Venue: Badehaus

Is Poppy a singer? A character? A computer? “Am I A Girl?” is the question Poppy asks in the title of her current world tour and upcoming album. The engimatic LA-based fembot with a cult following on YouTube (@thatPoppyTV) is known for making cryptic video art and saccharine-sweet, pop-polished bops about falling in love with the internet, postmodern mass-consumption culture, and fashioning her own hyper-consumable persona. As she sings in ‘My Style’ from her last release, Poppy.Computer: “Poppy is an object. Poppy is your best friend. Poppy will break your neck. Poppy will be your pet.” Like Charli XCX ate Hello Kitty and went on a virtual reality bender. It will be a rare treat to see her IRL, so hop along, poppets.

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