Poet, Hip-Hop Artist and Visionary: Saul Williams

An unmissable live performance

Words By Alison Rhoades

Date: 01.11.16
Venue: Frannz Club, Schönhauser Allee 76
Time: 20:00

“The voice and vision that counters power cannot be wiped out.” That’s a quote from Saul Williams: poet, hip-hop artist, actor, cultural critic, visionary. Since Amethyst Rock Star, his first album was released in 2001, Williams has been creating work infused with such power, deftness, passion and poetry that being in its very presence is enough to bring you to your knees. Coding politics as poetry and storytelling as subculture, his art is a medium for channeling globalism, American exceptionalism, and identity politics. 

His new album MartyrLoserKing tackles police militarisation, sexuality, cyber-hacking and institutional racism through telling the story of a group of hackers in Burundi, Central Africa. Do yourself a favour and go. Seeing this guy live will change your fucking life.

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