Operate: UKG, Speed Garage & 2-Step

Time to crank out that fancy footwork

Words By Lee Shields

Date: 13.02.2020
Location: Polygon Club Berlin, Wiesenweg 1 – 4, 10365 Berlin, Germany
Time: 23:59 – 07:00

Griessmuehle’s Sonnenallee location may have closed down, but the events will continue in exile. They’ll be happening mainly at Alte Münze for the next two months and, luckily, in the Polygon club for this particular event. And thank the rave gods above because an absolute sweatbox of heavy-bass, breakbeat, syncopated hi-hat tunes from across the English channel are being packaged into one party: ‘Operate: UKG, Speed Garage & 2-Step.’

I know what you’re thinking, “Garage has been dead since 2003!” Well that, my friends, is where you’re sadly mistaken. Indeed, Sneaker Social Club, who have been filling the scene with UKG genre-benders for 10 years, are still bringing the freshest beats you could ever want to bump and grind to. Operate has invited Sneaker Social Club’s very own Low End Activist, as well as Thirty Year Records’ DJ Swagger, to headline the event on Thursday February 13th. Accompanying them are Operate residents TMSN and Ben Mono.

We all know UK Garage is banging, so bring your sneakers because the only thing better than Garage, is UK Speed Garage.

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