Opera on Tap

Gorgeous music in a relaxed setting

Words By Stephanie Taralson

Date: 10.01.17
Venue: Prachtwerk Berlin
Time: 20:00 – 22:00

The room dims, lights slowly brighten the stage at one end of the room, beer glasses clink, showgoers jostle into position to get the best view. It could be almost any concert in any venue in Berlin – except this is a performance with a classical pedigree. Like its many chapter counterparts across the United States, the Berlin branch of Opera on Tap presents the greatest hits and deep cuts of the operatic repertoire. But they are reimagining the experience of attending opera, sweeping away any hint of stuffiness and bringing the art form back into democratic communal spaces.

Opera on Tap’s upcoming instalment in their monthly concert series is titled ‘Off the Beaten Path’ and promises to be a compilation of B-sides and bootlegs. Expect to hear art song, duets, and arias and to feel a twinge of satisfaction at starting 2017 with such cultured refinement, complete with beer in hand.

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