Photographer Margot Wallard explores the mythology of the forest

Words By Erika Clugston

Date: 01.12.17 – 27.01.18
Venue: Dorothee Nilsson Gallery

A forest, shrouded in secrets with unknown fantasies and specters lurking in the darkness, is the subject of Margot Wallard’s photography series, Natten. With ghost-like images of bats, owls, icy trees, and the human body, the photographer captures the mythology of the forest. As her artist statement expresses, “The forest became a place of resistance, somewhere where she could give free rein to that part of herself that does not cheat. With long exposures, leaving the shutter sufficient time to etch onto the film of the movements of the soul.” See Natten for yourself at the Dorothee Nilsson Gallery to experience the poetry of a winter forest.