A photography exhibition challenging the idea of what a body is and what a body means

Date: 12.11.16 – 13.11.16
Venue: The Impossible Lab, Potsdamer Straße 87
Time: Sat, 17:00 – 23:30 / Sun, 13:00 – 23:00

When they first got together COVEN BERLIN were an online magazine that steered their focus towards feminism. In keeping with their DIY and community-based style they have formed the sex-positive, queer, feminist art collective they are today. Exploring different topics through various mediums, the collective aim to create an “open sphere” that offers an awareness on the social structures surrounding sexuality and gender.

As COVEN BERLIN continue to push their positive message, their latest exhibition MEATSPACE, to be held at The Impossible Project Lab, is set to challenge the ideas of what a body is and what it means, through the eyes of the local queer feminist artists. Spread over two days, COVEN BERLIN will be showcasing a variety of performances, workshops and visual art – focusing on the physical realities of the body. “We worry about safe spaces and people who are in danger when they perform themselves. A body is not just a body, and if you can afford to believe that it is because you are part of a very small, very privileged group of society,” explains collective member, Lorena Juan.

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