Lola Reads and Sings (Her Heart Out)

An intimate evening of story reading and song selection

Date: 13.10.16
Venue: Cosmic Kaspar
Time: 20.30

OK, we’re going to admit that the first thing that drew our attention to this event was that the fact that the artist shares our name. And on closer inspection, it turns out that the gig is pretty cool too. Lola Sparks is a German/English songwriter and author based in Berlin. Working together with co-producer and co-writer Kris Steininger, Lola creates a synthesis of raw electronic beats and epic orchestral flavours. Her debut album Diary of a Lost Girl features a quality cast of international guest collaborators, yet everything is still flavoured with a taste of Berlin. For this event, Lola will be reading some of her stories and presenting a selection of her songs. A fine way to spend an autumnal evening.

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