Kometenmelodien: Morgan Delt & Slow Steve

Blissed out jangle tunes and kraut-indie goodness

Words By Barry Cliffe
Photos By Lily Keep

Date: 08/08/16
Venue: Kantine am Berghain
Time: 21:00

Morgan Delt is a Californian music producer who has put out two wonderfully blissed out and genre-bending albums since 2014. This year’s Phase Zero should feature heavily at this show along with older cuts. It’s all Byrds-influenced jangle and smooth country tunes, with a sizeable dollop of what made Mac De Marco such a hit with the kids in recent times. Support is from Berlin-based Slow Steve, who transcends the relatively laid back atmosphere of his debut album Adventures and puts on a powerhouse kraut-indie live show that will leave you gasping.

Morgan Delt
Slow Steve
Kometen Melodien
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