John Seal: The Dim Light of Distant Stars

A contemporary art exhibition exploring the tradition of painting

Words By Erika Clugston

Runs: 08.06.17 – 09.07.17
Opening: 07.06.17, 18:00

With self-mocking humour and thoughtful insight, John Seal tackles the contemporary role of painting in BEHIND THE GLARING BLAZE OF THEIR CHRISTIAN NAMES THE OBJECTS QUIETLY EMANATE THEIR UNFATHOMED TALES LIKE THE DIM LIGHT OF DISTANT STARS. In his first solo show at KÖNIG GALERIE, the artist playfully and critically revisits the classic subjects of art history, such as the fruit-bowl still life, with works that are both paintings and relief-sculptures. A fruit bowl and frame are hand carved and painted, creating a complex work of illusion that both defies and embraces the traditions of representation in painting. Swing by the gallery for a significant and (dare we say) fruitful contemplation on contemporary painting and art.

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