Indie Kollektiv

PWR BTTM & The Spook School live

Words By Marc Yates

Date: 09.12.16
Venue: Lido
Time: 22:00

Regular readers of LOLA will already be aware that we have a special love of live music, and we are beyond excited about PWR BTTM and The Spook School taking the stage of Lido’s regular Friday night Indie Kollektiv party. It’s all our Christmasses come at once, really.

It’ll be a night of bouncy indie-pop fun, so get ready to get your sweat on. The Spook School hail from Glasgow and offer their own refreshing brand of energetic guitar-driven pop punk with lyrics that brazenly reject gender and sexual binaries. Earlier this year they were labelled “One to Watch” by UK newspaper The Guardian: “The quartet make breezy, cute indie-pop fused to the bouncy punk of the Buzzcocks and Undertones. They take their message seriously, but flood their music with joy.” We can’t wait to see them on stage.

The other part of this lineup that has us excited like little kids eyeing up a mountain of Halloween sweets is PWR BTTM – the American duo bringing performance art and drag to DIY indie with a devil-may-care flourish of glitter. Liv and Ben’s debut album Ugly Cherries has been lauded by the likes of KEXP, NPR and countless others (and it’s been on repeat in the LOLA office for longer than is really necessary or appropriate), so to see them on stage as they work on their second album is going to be a real treat.

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