Il Civetto – Spring Concert

A wild and truly one-off experience

Words By Marc Yates

Date: 08.04.17
Venue: YAAM Berlin
Time: 20:00

Cosmo and Berlin Sessions are heralding the arrival of spring to Berlin in the best possible way – with a massive party. Il Civetto are regulars on Berlin’s techno circuit, but taking their music on tour through the clubs and festivals of Europe has ignited their passion for performing live. Each concert is a different party – no two shows are the same – and their sound is an intriguing blend of African, South American and European styles, with Bossa rhythms and offbeat guitar creating serious groove.

Their story is something of a Berlin legend; with the group making the jump from U-Bahn musicians to signed act seemingly in one day – a legendary performance in which they turned a U-Bahn carriage into a full-on dance party putting them on the radar of exactly the right people.

Prepare for a wild night as Il Civetto take the stage at YAAM for a spring concert, which will also be their last concert in Berlin in 2017. We’re told it’ll be full of surprises and special guests, so score your tickets early!

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