I think I need a label, but I’m not sure

Helping aspiring musicians understand how to get their music out there

Words By Lee Shields

Date: 19.02.20
Location: Fitzroy Berlin, Holzmarktstr. 15, 10179 Berlin, Germany
Time: 19:30 – 23:00

So you’ve done it. You’ve downloaded a cracked version of Ableton and bought a Roland TR-8 and a launchpad. Against the odds, you’ve put it all together and actually finished four of those 87 uncut gems you had stashed away on your hard drive. Lo and behold, they bang. You’ve even completed the happy ever after and moved to Berlin. But, how do you get this music out into the world?

You’re in luck. Music Pool Berlin and Amplify are hosting a special event, ‘I think I need a label, but I’m not sure.’ If you are an aspiring music artist and you have burning questions about the industry, this talk is for you. It’ll go through how to release your music and help address many aspects of the process, especially in relation to record labels and whether or not you need one. Speaking on the night will be experienced artists and label makers: Rabih Beaini, Ziur, Marit Posch, and Max Boxx (Easter). The best part is the price: completely free.

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