I call you this you call me that

An artistic exploration of the performative role of language

Words By Andrea Servert

Date: 20.01.18 – 25.01.18
Venue: Glogauair gallery
Opening: 19.01.18 at 19:00

Language is such an intrinsic tool to relate with –and understanding– the world that it’s not often we stop and think about its actual performative role and the way it constructs our reality. This is the topic Soohyun Choi explores in her first solo exhibition, which opens this week at Kreuzberg’s Glogauair gallery. The Seoul-born, London-based artist questions how identities and personalities are constructed and controlled by language with a focus in English and Korean culture, especially in the latter, where K-Pop narratives coexist with traditional honorific titles. Make sure to stop by the opening and reflect on why we call each other this (and that).