A performance exploring the meaning of ‘Queenship’

Words By Erika Clugston
Photos By Sam Smith

Date: 25.10.17 – 28.10.17
Venue: Sophiensaele
Time: 21:00

Let’s talk royalty. RuPaul, Queen Bey, Queen Elizabeth II. What does it mean to wear a crown?

Berlin-based artist Melanie Jame Wolf explores the concept of ‘Queenship’ in her new work HIGHNESS. In a conversation between body and screen, Melanie Jame draws on images of royalty from contemporary and historical contexts to question the relationships between power, legacy, and territory attached to a woman’s body. From drag superstars to virgin queens, the artist investigates the archetype of the queen. HIGHNESS is the second piece in the ‘Arch Type’ trilogy of performance works Melanie Jame began with her performance Mira Fuchs in 2015. Watch the trailer below and book your tickets here.

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