Doomsday dance music

Words By Connie Hwong

Date: 02.03.2019

If it wasn’t such a cliché, we’d call Health the ultimate lifestyle band: even their tweets and Instagram posts illustrate an anxiety-ridden existence defined by global crises, a few too many video games, and overexposure to mass amounts of low-fi electronic gear. Simply put, Health are the soundtrack to the ultimate dystopian cult film – one that doesn’t even exist yet (though they had a decent dry run covering New Order for the Atomic Blonde soundtrack). The trio is from Los Angeles (of course), and their dark, disorienting blend of techno, industrial, trap, noise has attracted collaborators ranging from Berlin’s own Boys Noize to left-field weirdo Tobacco. This month, they bring their gloomy dissonance to the stage at SO36 in support of their fourth album, the appropriately-titled Vol. 4 :: Slaves of Fear.

In a sentence: Because there is no better soundtrack for our dystopian times.