HAWK / Party Fears / Last Days of Elvis

A tour kick off party supplying guaranteed good time indie vibes

Words By Jonny Tiernan
Photos By Douglas Vautour

Date: 18/08/17
Venue: Internet Explorer
Time: 21:00

We make no secret of our love for Party Fears. It runs deep and true. In the interests of full disclosure, we should point out that frontwoman/guitarist/songwriter/comedic punch Maggie Devlin is our Music Editor. So, you could accuse us of bias, but the truth is that even if we didn’t know Maggie, we’d still be espousing the joys of their particular brand of unabashed indie-power-pop. Some bands are overly concerned with a skewed notion of ‘cool’, whereas Party Fears care about writing damn good songs, getting their act tight, and actually having a bit of fun while doing it all.

They’re heading away on a two week tour of the UK and Ireland along with Last Days of Elvis, and this gig is the kick off party. It’s also the album launch of Last Days of Elvis, which just turns it into a veritable whammy of awesome. Rounding off the live acts are HAWK, who capitalise their name so that you will shout ‘HAWK!’ in your head every time you read it. Or maybe that’s just us? Anyway, The Chop’s very own DJ Darmok will be on hand to ply you with quality tunes before, between and after the bands. It’ll be a party, have no fear (see what we did there?).

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Last Days Of Elvis
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