Handpoke Tattoo Festival

A day-long event hosting five international stick and poke artists

Words By Emma Taggart
Photos By Alix Porrit (work by Eva Dawn)

Date: 13.07.17
Venue19:28 Tattoo Club
Time: 13:00 – 23:00

Are you feeling that ‘I need a new tattoo’ urge? Maybe you fancy getting inked up for the first time.

19:28 Tattoo Club are hosting the first all-handpoke tattoo festival; a day-long event hosting five international stick and poke artists who will offer some of their signature designs along with some flash drawn especially for the occasion.

Using only a single needle and ink, the stick ‘n’ poke method is a machine-free way to get a permanent tattoo, making it the perfect style for badass minimalists and one that has become entwined with DIY culture over the years.

Here you’ll find the links to all the Instagram accounts of the super talented, steady-handed artists who will be working all day with a ‘first come, first served’ system:

Lotte Vanns (Bristol, UK)

Eva Dawn Illustrations (Berlin based, NZ)

Rozita Ttoo (Budapest, HU)

Gekkku (Bristol, UK)

Zid Visions (Berlin, GER)

If you’re not in the mood to get stick ’n’ poked, you can just chill and enjoy some tasty cocktails and take a look at the awesome merchandise and illustration goodies from the artists.

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