Grrl Haus Cinema: Stupid Cupid

Spend your Valentine’s Day in the company of good movies, bands and DJs

Words By Jonny Tiernan

Date: 14.02.20
Location: Loophole, Boddinstraße 60, 12053 Berlin
Time: 20:30 – 22:30

Do yourself a favour and try something different this Valentine’s Day. Yes, as a singleton you could stay at home and cry alone, bemoaning your lack of romantic success, or as a couple you could go out for a traditional romantic meal, or you could not be basic and instead go enjoy some specially curated short films made by women, some cool live bands, and some raucous DJ sets.

Since 2014, Grrl Haus Cinema has been putting together programs of short films and art videos made by women. The events take place in different cities around the world, but the HQ is in Berlin. It provides a valuable platform for female filmmakers to showcase their work and to engage with an audience. At this edition, the following films will be screened:

Hush – Tin Lee
Discovery Settings – Kat Vivaldi
Long Live Love! – Cadenza Zhao
Kim’s Big Date – Claire McFadden
EMBRACES & the touch of skin – Sara Koppel
Professional Cuddler – Mika Orr
Matches Made – Yin Yee Low
à la plage – Daphné Psarros
Meatsauce – Ashley Barnhill

As well as the films, there will be live performances from purveyors of warm and fuzzy dream pop, Superlove and the dark psychedelic indie rock stylings of Carbon Thieves.

The event takes place in the perfectly chaotic and endlessly appealing confines of Neukölln’s Loophole, a venue renowned for fostering experimental and boundary-pushing events.

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