GOSH Magazine Launch Party

Celebrating the release of their first printed edition

Words By Kaitlyn Richey
Photos By Sophie Overwien

Venue: Das Gift
Date: 23.02.2019
Time: 22:00-02:00

The team over at GOSH- Design & Pop are celebrating the launch of their first printed issue of the magazine. Founded by Jördis Hagemeier and Sophie Overwien, GOSH is dedicated to unraveling the intricate ties between pop music and design. They investigate the role that Design plays in techno clubs, typography, and trendy indie bands. You can order the German-language magazine on their website, as well as some pretty rad logo stickers.

The cover story of the first issue features a British professional bowler-cum-DJ, “Ross from Friends,” and how he calls for the reinvention of club culture. The first episode in a mini-series about the history of typography is the font, Cooper Black. Readers can learn about the font’s origins and how it got its name. Additional articles include the party Shameless/Limitless, Golzheim club, and artist/illustrator Danika Arndt.

In a sentence: Go enjoy the DJ set at Das Gift and pick up and edition of GOSH- Design & Pop Magazine.