Girl Band + Pigeon

An unapologetically rock-heavy night of live music

Words By Maggie Devlin
Photos By Steve Gullick

Date: 25/11/16
Venue: Urban Spree
Time: 20:00

Are we the only ones who think that there are too many bands which use some variation of ‘girl’ in the title? It’s getting as bad as the use of ‘Japan’. Anyway, that’s for another rant article. Still, we’re letting Irish rockers
Girl Band away with it because we love them so. They’ll be joined by Berlin-based Pigeon at Urban Spree for an unapologetically rock-heavy night. Girl Band are dark, with vocals that sputter and drawl and frantic rhythms that are great for an evening of rock, but that could inspire anyone trying to untangle Christmas lights to go full Michael Douglas in Falling Down. Pigeon, providing some local flavour, are a powerhouse of dark rock that lies somewhere in between Gang of Four and early Manic Street Preachers.

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