GEEK Market #2

Christmas-come-early for tech heads

Words By Emma Taggart

Date: 17.12.16 – 19.12.16
Venue: SPEKTRUM art_technology_community
Time: 15:00 – 22:00

Calling all geeks, techies and whizz kids– this one’s for you!

Technology-based manufacturing is on the up, and creators are merging design with innovative engineering more than ever. For the second time, SPEKTRUM are hosting a new performative event in the form of a three day GEEK Market. The team aim to collect and connect crowds of Berlin-based makers who are willing to show, promote and sell their technologically-processed products, such as 3D-printed design, sound-video DYE kits, laser cut products, Arduino projects and/or other computer interface products.

There’ll also be workshops on how to create your own sound machine, modular sessions, and you could even learn about electro-acoustic sound art production. For more information on how to get involved visit SPEKTRUM’s website.


At GEEK Market you’ll find:  

– Thomas O’Reilly’s  Melancholia 2.0 Series of 3D printed sculpture-pots inspired by the geometric formula of German Renaissance master Albrecht Dürer’s ‘Melancholia I’.
– Urban Arts Berlin’s new print release in vinyl format, Synthesis Vol. 2, which is one of the best records produced in Germany this year with a focus on sound art and experimental music. A must have!
– Cultura Project will showcase their handmade bags and clothes with 3D printed details, made in Berlin.
– Rachel Uwa – an artist with a background in audio engineering and vfx compositing. Over the past 15+ years she’s lived in tech communities and helped to organise events. She feels compelled to help bring these two worlds together to make the tech world less daunting and more diverse, inclusive, thoughtful and fun.
– ROKU Berlin (Akiko Watanabe) – Seasonal Organic Vegetarian Vegan Local: from Tokyo to Berlin. Japanese winter soup – Chestnuts onigiri – Red wine Xmas cake.

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