Flaneur Magazine 07 Launch

It's summer in São Paulo...

Words By Marc Yates

Date: 24.02.18
Venue: Kaduka Berlin
Time: 20:00

Flaneur is one of our favourite print magazines, and we’re so excited to see that they’re back with their seventh release. This time they are exploring the complexities of São Paulo’s Treze de Maio in a sumptuous 310-page issue.

Its pages include collaborations with multi-disciplinary artists, academics, and locals, allowing the magazine to embrace the street’s complexity, its layers and fragmented nature with a captivating approach. If you’ve never picked up an issue of Flaneur before, now’s a great time to dive into its pages and learn about an intriguing corner of the world. From empowering portraits of marginalised women that challenge notions of visibility and representation, to the consumption of meat and how it relates to the country’s violent history of slavery; this is São Paulo as we’ve never seen it before.

Take a look inside the pages of Flaneur 07 and enjoy live music with São Paulo vibes – Temperini from the city’s collective Voodoohop will start playing at 10pm.

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