Final Girls Film Festival

A spree of feminist horror flicks and more

Date: 6.02.20 – 09.20.20
Location: City Kino Wedding, Müllerstraße 74, 13349 Berlin
Time: Various

This is the fifth edition of The Final Girls Film Festival, and it’s arguably their biggest and most developed program to date. In case you’re new to the format, Final Girls upend and subvert the standard ideas and tropes surrounding horror by showcasing films that are written, directed or produced by women and non-binary filmmakers. In the horror genre, women are often depicted and portrayed in negative ways, and the Final Girls festival counteracts this by celebrating, exposing and championing horror from a feminist perspective.

The program contains a range of feature-length films as well as short-format pieces. Main features this year include Mary Harron’s Charlie Says, Penny Lane’s Hail Satan?, Gabriela Amaral Almeida’s The Father’s Shadow, John Adams & Toby Poser’s The Deeper You Dig, snd Amy Holden Jones’ Fun 80s Slasher Slumber Party Massacre.

The short films are shown in thematic blocks, which is a cool way to experience a whole range of different approaches and styles of filmmaking. For this edition of the festival the themes are Bad Romance, Social Ills, Queer Horror, Folk Tales, #MeToo, Blood Ties, True Crime, and Graveyard Shift.

It’s not all movies, though. In addition to the films there will be an exhibition, a festival party with multimedia drag performers, specialist talks, a horror-inspired self-defense workshop and more. Dig through the full program, select your flicks, and get prepared for a scare.

Final Girls Film Festival
City Kino Wedding