Feiko Beckers – Applesauce

An exhibition questioning the mundane of everyday life

Words By Erika Clugston
Photos By Maintenant, HD Video, fabric, wood, metal and foam 9’56”/ 240 cm x 140 cm x 12 cm 2017

Date: 26.02.19 – 13.04.19
Venue: Efremidis Gallery
Opening: 23.02.19, 18:00 – 21:00

Dutch artist, Feiko Beckers, is presenting his first solo exhibition in Germany, Applesauce, at the Efremidis Gallery. The artist’s work is both philosophical and absurd, posing questions about the banality of life. Using video, performance, installation and text, Beckers plays with the mundane moments of the everyday, whether it’s moving objects or giving advice. Reality becomes absurd and logic becomes abstract.

The gallery states, “In his work Beckers searches for logical solutions to the absurd problems that arise in everyday life. His reasoning comes across as sound but is ultimately absurd. But perhaps this is the most logical, an absurd answer to an absurd problem.”

On opening night, there will be a live performance at 19:30 by Beckers in which he will perform a pop song, titled ‘Good with Girlfriends.’ Guaranteed to top the charts, the song will go through a list of people and situations that Beckers is good, or not good with. You’ll catch yourself belting it in the shower in no time.

Finally, mark your calendars for a workshop with Beckers on March 30th titled ‘A
disappointment you can rely on’ which will be in some way related to pancakes… get excited!

In a sentence: Forget what you know and enjoy a night of bizarre philosophical musings on donuts and other mundane things.