Facades of Skateboarding

A photo exhibition by Dennis Scholz

Words By Jonny Tiernan
Photos By Dennis Scholz

Date: 05/08/16 – 05/09/16
Venue: Rock-Paper
Time: 05/18 – 19:00 / daily from 09:00 – 20:00

Skateboarders experience the architecture of a city in a completely different way to other people. Ledges, handrails, steps, walls – all of these things may seem totally mundane to most folk – only being noticed when they are being used, if at all. To a skater, these architectural aspects serve as vital props in their acrobatic urban performances.. They interact with and use the city-surfaces in a unique way, repurposing the concrete, metal, and brick for their own devices.

In his luscious cityscapes/portraits, Berlin-based photographer Dennis Scholz beautifully captures this delicate and artful fashion with which skateboarders interact with the city around them. He will be exhibiting a selection of his work in Rock-paper. It’s only the second time there has been an exhibition in this space, and the last one was by the excellent Konrad Langer, so they’re setting a good standard for themselves.

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