Eva & Adele – L’Amour Du Risque

A retrospective from the future

Words By Erika Clugston

Date: 27.04.18 – 27.08.18
Venue: meCollectors room

The words ‘art’ and ‘performance’ can only begin to describe the work of Eva & Adele. Living a shared existence that they describe as FUTURING, the duo claims that they arrived in Berlin in 1989, born out of the future, with no concept of gender, and they have been challenging the art world ever since. Whether stepping out for groceries or attending a vernissage, Eva & Adele are always performing, living, creating art. In their manifesto, a looming set of 12 gilded wood pieces with words such as  “CUM” and “MEDIA PLASTIC” boldly surrounding their faces, they state: “Wherever we are is a museum.”

Explore the retrospective of the artist-couple’s work at me Collectors room to immerse yourself in their extensive collection, with everything from paintings to video art, costume plans and sculptural installations. The exhibition opened during Gallery Weekend Berlin but you still have all summer to delve into their transgressive reality.