Epiphany Now “1/3” Tape Release Show

Kick off your weekend with some serious noise art

Words By Maggie Devlin

Date: 10.02.17
Venue: West Germany
Time: 20:00

Three musicians and one visual artist form the improvisational electro outfit, Epiphany NOW. Violins, live percussion and an impressive collection of synths combine to create a trancy, amorphic experience, while the visuals and introspection of the band make for an atmosphere that is at once dreamlike and strangely voyeuristic.

Support comes from FITH and DuChamp. Comprised of members from Manchester and Berlin, FITH is a group of musicians, poets and performers whose rumbling synths and spoken word pieces are perfect mood-setters for Epiphany NOW’s tape release. Italian noise scientist and all-round workhorse of the Berlin indie scene, DuChamp rounds out the line-up with her drone-based sound art.

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