Echoes in Dust

Sculpture and photography by Henrik Strömberg

Words By Marc Yates

Date: 15.09.17 – 8.10.17
Venue: Å+, Stromstraße 38.

In his solo exhibition Echoes in Dust, Berlin-based Swedish artist Henrik Strömberg will present an installation of photographic works, collages and sculptures, which are made from parts of second-hand trophies. These parts are then stacked and transformed with pigment, clay and wax. Based on classical sculpture practice, where every cast requires a mould, he often presents photographs as negatives, evoking similarities between sculptural and photographic processes.

During the course of the show some of the works will be reconfigured, and the installation thus altered. Keeping the exhibition in a state of flux, selected special works by Man Ray and Jannis Kounellis (courtesy of fontaine b.) are going to be interlaced in the installation landscape. The interplay between works of different artistic periods will give the discourse new contextual aims throughout the duration of the exhibit.