DURST at the Kühlhaus

Final exhibition by Lette Verein Berlin photography class of 2019

Words By Daniel Addey
Photos By Main image: Out

Date: 6/6/19 – 10/6/19
Venue: Kühlhaus
Time: 19:00

Opening on Thursday 6th June, DURST is an exhibition at the Kühlhaus by the 2019 photography graduates of the Lette Verein. Delving into all the good stuff – light, darkness, love – the 18 photographers explore their environments from Brandenburg to the Danube and out into the universe in documentary, conceptual, and staged photography.

Primavera En Al-Andalus by Francesca Willbrand
Houses Have Walls by Jakob Wiechmann

Lette Verein is a state-subsidised technical school of applied arts, founded in 1886 to promote women in the workplace. It’s now open to everyone but an impressive 63% of students are female. Similarly, the Kühlhaus has transformed through time, from its birth and building as Europe’s largest cold-store to its current life as a multi-room event space. Over 5000 square metres of pre-war industrial architecture amidst the calm of the Landwehr Canal and Gleisdreieck Park, the truly unique style and function of the Kühlhaus is the perfect home for DURST.

Alongside the open exhibition will be a film-night, panel discussion and a guided tour by art historian Dr. Katharina Hausel. DURST is an opportunity to see the future and history side-by-side.

In a sentence: Experience the future of photography in a stunning setting.

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