Drag Queen Story Hour

Children gather with Cheryl and Cher Nobyl to read and learn in a creative environment

Words By Kaitlyn Richey
Photos By Vitali Gelwich & Vincent Reynaud

Venue: Raum Schwalbe
Date: 24.2.2019
Time: 15:00-16:15

Over the Rainbow has brought the wonderful queens, Cheryl and Cher Nobyl, together at Raum Schwalbe for the Drag Queen Story Hour. In a fun and imaginative environment, children will learn from how to be uniquely themselves while hearing stories from confident queer role models. By allowing kids to ask questions, Drag Queen Story Hour creates a conversation about gender fluidity and a world without strict gender roles. Cher Nobyl has previously entertained us with her delightful commentary and is sure to bring excitement and suitable anecdotes to the kids. She boasts a message of ambition and tearing down pre-conceived notions of all kinds. Together with Cheryl, Cher Nobyl will surely entertain during story hour.

In a sentence: Creating a bridge between children and the queer community one story at a time.