New Music Mainstay, DNA BLN’s Final Showcase of the Year

Words By Maggie Devlin
Photos By Main image, Lowrider Betty by Thelise Stene Hansteen

Date: 25/11/16
Venue: Musik & Frieden
Time: 21:00

This Friday DNA BLN will host their 9th new music showcase at Musik and Frieden. The last DNA event of the year, the collective maintains its usual broad spectrum of acts while exploring the crossroads between visual and media arts.

With more party than ponce, DNA BLN 9 promises Jagermeister shots, an all-night photo booth and a lineup that, to echo the Rolling Stones, is all a bit ‘Fruit of the Loom’; with acts coming in small, medium and large sizes.

UK band, The Wholls will bring their garage rock meets radio-friendly indie stylings, with acrobatic vocals and a rhythm section tight enough to bounce a cent off.

Fangirls are one of several electropop acts on the bill. Delicious melodies and warm, chiming synths add another shade to the versatile lineup, and being Berlin-based will give you that feel-good vibe of supporting a local band.

Portugal’s Fingertips have a huge following and buckets of charm in their live performances. Think CHVCHES with a Telecaster and you’ll have some idea of their Top 40 sound.

It’s further testimony to the event’s bluesky philosophy that young visitors from 6-15 years old are welcome, so long as they are accompanied by an adult. Best get those crayon-coloured ear protectors at the ready if you have any indie-loving kids who want to stay up past their bedtime.

Berlin based filmmaker and VJ Dev01ded will lay on the visuals while, Yates, May, Aischa Parker, Fingertips, Ludvig Moon, Die Outlanders and M€RCY round out the bill.

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