DJ Windows98 & Molly Nilsson

The Arcade Fire frontman makes an appearance behind the decks

Words By Jonny Tiernan

Date: 2.07.2017
Venue: ACUD Macht Neu
Time: 22:00 – 06:00

I’m pretty sure Win Butler of Arcade Fire intended for his DJ name ‘Windows98’ to be both a pun and a piece of post-modern irony. I’m not certain that it works, but you win some, you lose some. Maybe I’m biased because The Arcade Fire helped me get through some hard times. For a while they were the win beneath my wings. But why not make your name into a clever pun? Who dares wins, right? I feel like I’m losing some of you here in the land of the pun. It has really taken the win out of my sails. I understand that there are rare people who don’t like puns, but I think it’s possible to change their minds. Mr Butler and I can do it together. I think the Bee Gees sum it up best in their 80s mega hit, ‘You win again, some never try but if anybody can, we can’.

Anyway, go to this show.

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Molly Nilsson
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