Die Wände Release Show

A communal celebration of “Im Flausch”

Words By Kaitlyn Richey

Date: 14.3.2019
Venue: Urban Spree
Time: 20:00

The journey that happened in order to create Im Flausch is a whirlwind of creative ingenuity. The band name, Die Wände, composed of Carsten von Postel, Jann Petersen, and Mathias Wolff, had not even existed until after they had completed the album. Im Flausch is a mixture of pop and raw emotion. Uninhibited, they produce a nontraditional sound through the use of noise as music.

Last spring the members of Die Wände left Berlin for Prinhofte, a small municipality, and spent seven days recording their album in the attic of an abandoned wooden farmhouse. They went many days in the empty house without ever leaving and were surrounded by only the woods. This intense process has surely produced an amazing album. Im Flausch is set to be released on March 8 by Späti Palace record label.

In a sentence: Their music is moody, fun, and unironically unique.