Die Fotografierte Ferne

An exploration of travel photography

Words By Erika Clugston

Runs: 19.05.17 – 11.09.17
Venue: Berlinische Galerie
Opening: May 18th, 19:00

Travel and photography go hand in hand – we document the foreign and record our encounters. But what is it that, with the split-second click of a button, prompts a photographer to take a photograph?

Die Fotografierte Ferne, presented by the Berlinische Galerie, is a comprehensive exhibition reflecting the history of art photography and travel. With more than 180 works by 17 photographers, the selection of work reflects on the photographic history of globalisation and global perceptions. Since the 1920s, travel photography has become an artistic response whilst travelling. Featuring a myriad of world-renowned photographers, the exhibition takes a look at the idea of the ‘foreign as exotic’ and the role that photography plays in such expectations. For what you choose to take a photo of may reveal more of yourself than of the ‘other’.

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